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Section 8 Eligibility

HUD Section 8 Program Eligibility of Renters

The Housing Authority offers rental assistance to families that meet the eligibility requirements:

To be eligible for rental assistance, a household must

Qualify as a family ;
Meet eligible immigrant or citizenship requirements ; and
Be within the income limits.
additional eligibility information...

SECTION 8 ELIGIBILITY - Qualify as a Family

The applicant must qualify as a family. Generally, a family consists of two or more persons sharing residency, whose income and resources are available to meet family needs. There must be a relation by blood, marriage or operation of law, or the group must provide evidence of a significant, stable relationship that has been in existence for at least 6 months, in which the parties provide financial support for each other.

An individual who is at least 62 years of age or disabled, whether living alone, with a live-in aide, or with another elderly/disabled person, is also qualified as a family by the Housing Authority’s definition.

The Housing Authority serves families that meet the above definitions of family, and single persons who are U.S. veterans, before serving any single person who lives alone or intends to live alone, who is not categorized as elderly, disabled, or a U.S. veteran.

SECTION 8 ELIGIBILITY - Citizenship Requirements

Individuals must be U.S. citizens, or non-citizens with eligible immigration status. Assistance is contingent on the submission and verification of evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status. Each family member must declare their status once. Verification occurs at the same time as verification of other eligibility factors.

Each family member, regardless of age, must submit a signed declaration of U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status. The citizenship/eligible immigration status of each family member is considered individually before the family’s status is determined.

Eligible immigrants must fall into one of the categories specified by the regulations, and must sign a consent form to have their status verified by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Housing Authority will accept any of the following documents to verify eligible immigration status: Resident Alien Card (I-551); Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-151); Arrival-Departure Record (I-94); Temporary Resident Card (I-688); Employment Authorization Card (I-688B); or an INS-issued receipt, for issuance of replacement of any of the above documents that shows individual’s entitlement has been verified. The Housing Authority may grant extensions if individuals need time to obtain the required documents.

An applicant family is eligible for assistance as long as at least one member is a citizen or eligible immigrant. A family that includes eligible and ineligible individuals is eligible for prorated assistance. The applicant family must provide the names of any family members who choose not to declare citizenship or eligible immigrant status.

Applicant families will be provided the opportunity to appeal the decision in an INS appeal process and an informal review.

Income Limits

Gross annual income must be below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in Los Angeles County, for the family size.  75% of new admissions must have gross annual incomes at or below 30% of the AMI.

Family Size
(Number of Persons)
30% Area
Median Income
80% Area
Median Income
HUD determines the  AMI annually 

To achieve the required balance, the Housing Authority may need to skip over otherwise eligible families.  If this occurs, families that are skipped over will retain the time and date of application, and will be admitted as soon as an appropriate opening becomes available.

Additional Eligibility Information

The Housing Authority mails pre-application materials to applicant families who reach the top of the waiting list. To participate, eligible families are required to submit verification forms and documents. Family members age 18 and over must sign a Criminal Background Consent form to authorize the release of criminal history information to the Housing Authority. All family members age 18 and over are subject to a criminal background check, and possibly a credit check

Note: the Housing Authority does not allow any registered sex offenders to participate in the programs. Families and individuals with special needs may be exempt from some of these requirements.

Additionally, all family members age six and over are asked to provide Social Security numbers, birth certificates, and valid California identification.

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